martes, 25 de enero de 2011

Curso de Ingles Video 9 english vocabulary

Observa el video y completa los ejercicios.

1.-   Center of population.______________
2.-   Official seat of government._______________
3.-   A period of rest and relaxation granted to an employee.____________________
4.-   A citizen of Brazil._______________
5.-  A citizen of China.________________
6.-  A citizen of France._____________________
7.-  Something monotonous,tedious,tiresome,uninteresting.___________________
8.-  Something low in cost or low in quality._____________________________
9.-  A large number of persons gathered together, throng.___________________
10.-Holding or containing nothing.____________________________________

Forma preguntas con WHAT, WHO, WHERE, WHICH, HOW.

Hi! I'm Robert. I study English at IBE. I study general english level 2. I'm a good student.

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