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Curso de Ingles Video 37b professions object

Respuestas a la entrada anterior:

What does a _____________ do?

1- Abogado          A lawyer represents people and companies in legal matters.

2- Actor                An actor performs for the public.

3- Cantante         A singer sings for the public.

4- Maestro           A teacher teaches students.

5- Policia             A policeman protects and serves the public.

6- Bombero         A fireman fights fires.

7- Cocinero         A cook cooks and creates dishes.

8- Panadero        A baker bakes and creates dishes.

9- Albañil             A mason lays bricks and builds houses and buildings.

10- Carpintero     A carpenter builds and creates furniture.

11- Pintor            A painter paints things.

12- Electricista    An electrician installs and repairs electrical systems.

13- Plomero        A plumber installs and repairs plumbing.

14- Enfermera    A nurse takes care of medical patients.

15- Chofer          A driver transports people safely.

16- Jardinero      A gardener keeps, nurses and landscapes gardens.

17-Cajera/o         A cashiers registers sales and collects money.

18- Gerente        A manager administrates businesses.

19- Mesero/a      A waiter waits on restaurant customers.

20- Carnicero     A butcher cuts and sells meat.

Ahora ve el siguiente videoclip y contesta la prgunta.

What does a _____________ do?

0- accountant           An accountant keeps books
Si no esta la profesion en el clip investiga.

1-  caretaker
2-  babysitter
3-  clerk
4-  doctor
5-  dentist
6-  taxidriver
7-  garbage collector
8-  farmer
9-  fisherman
13-telephone operator 

Respuestas en la siguiente entrada. 

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