domingo, 22 de abril de 2012

Curso de Inglés 105 The past tense in interrogative and negative form.

Para formar el pasado en ingles recordemos que en interrogativo y negativo debemos usar el auxiliar.
To form the past tense in english we must remember to use the auxiliary in the interrogative and negative form.

I shower everyday. 
Did you shower yesterday?
No I didn't shower yesterday.

Now it's your turn:  

 1) I eat cereal everyday.


    NO, _____________________________________________.

2)  I drive to work everyday.

     Did _______________________________________________'

     No, _______________________________________________.

3)  I write e-mails everyday.


     No, _____________________________________________.

4)  I watch the news wveryday.

     Did ___________________________________________?

     No, ____________________________________________.

5)  I study english everyday.

      Did ___________________________________yesterday?

      No, ___________________________________________.

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