martes, 11 de abril de 2017

El tiempo Futuro - Going to - Will - Leccion 132

  WILL VS GOING TO in english and its difficulties for spanish speakers. Leccion de ingles  Maestro presenta WILL VS GOING TO en ingles y su pronunciacion.
Cosas que creemos son ciertas. Things we believe to be true. USE WILL example.
The boss will be very happy.
I'm sure you'll like her.
Use will with expressions such as probably,possibly,I think,I hope.
I'll hope you'll visit me one day.
she'll probably be a movie star.
I'll possibly work late.
I think we'll get on well.
WILL implica voluntad, GOING TO lo ya planeado.
Para expresar GOING TO tenemos que poner el verbo de condicion BE antes y el verbo de accion despues de GOING TO. Usamos WILL y GOING TO para hablar del futuro.Estos son normalmente intercambiables.
WILL and GOING TO are usually interchangeable.

He will study English.He is going to study English.
Will he study English? Is he going to study English?
He won't study English. He isn't going to study English.

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