sábado, 29 de enero de 2011

Curso de Ingles Video 14. Nivel 1


1- Who is the postcard from?
     a) Ana
     b) George

2- What does beautiful mean?
     a) displeasing to the eye
     b) pleasing to the eye

3- What does nice mean?
    a) pleasant appearance
    b) unpleasant appearance

4.- What does clean mean?
     a) soiled, stained
     b) free from dirt

5- What does interesting mean?
     a) boring
     b) arousing exitement, holding attention

6- What does crowded mean?
     a) a large number of persons gathered together
     b) empty

7.- What does cheap mean?
      a) expensive
      b) low quality, low price

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  1. 1. Ana
    2. pleasing to the eye
    3. pleasant appearance
    4. free from dirt
    5. arousing exitement, holding attention
    6. a large number of persons gathered together
    7. low quality, low price