viernes, 14 de enero de 2011


Today it is esential to learn a third language if you realy want to compete in the growing global economy. You speak your  native language, you need to learn another one. Which one should it be?

China has blissfully emerged as a dynamic economy. Most corporations rampaged to do business there. Will Mandarin be the future or one of the future major business  languages?  

Latin America is also developing, not as fast as China yet it's upward thrust despite  global recession, plus the 50 million hispanics in the US, Spain considered a first world country, and over 200 million Latin Americans within the ranks of the middle class. 22 countries use Spanish as their official language.

Which is the best option? In the US it is difficult to get by in some places if you don't speak Spanish. In Miami and Los Angeles it seems to be the common language of the majority.

What's your take on this? What would you advice?

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  1. Si, creo que son los idiomas de mas importancia, el Ingles, Espanol, y Mandarin. Aprender un tercer lenguaje es ideal, yo aprendi ya un poco de Mandarin y espero poder aprender mas.