martes, 19 de abril de 2011

Curso de Ingles Video 81 ESl SH CH pronunciation practice.

Observe the video carefully and repeat.

Tongue Twisters
Say the following tongue twisters, paying attention to the three sounds.
Lee los siguientes trabalenguas 5 veces cada una. La primera vez lento luego la segunda mas rapido etc.

1. Check the sheep shippers for seeping chips.

2. Chuck and Russ's cherries and peaches get mushy in a rush.

3. Insane Shane chained his catch close to his ketch.

4. The searchers for perch perished on the chilly seashore.

5. Sean Schick was seasick selling seashells in shallow shoal.

6. 'Shush', said Sally as she shredded Charlotte's cheap shirts.

7. Sherman was shy about chips and sherbet in Chatanooga.

8. Charlie is sure sore about the chipped Tahitian fuschia he purchased.

9. Shawn shuddered and stopped chopping his hashish.

10. Grecian TV stations sometimes sell such cheap chinchillas.

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