domingo, 12 de febrero de 2017

Curso de Inglés - leccion 123 - practica de lectura - SUMMER CAMP

ESL tutorial, reading practice: SUMMER CAMP

When I was ten years old I lived in Salinas California.
I went to Sherwood Elementary School.
At the end of fourth grade, the teachers organized a camping trip to the redwood forest. I was very excited and wanted so much togo to the two week trip, that I pestered my mom for permission. I did get permission but I had to come up with the eighty dollar fee on my own.

I worked two full weeks picking strawberries to make enough money. I ate more strawberries in those two weeks than I have in my entire lifetime.

The day before the trip, I packed everything that was on the camping gear list. The departure date came and I was off to summer camp. I was so excited. We arrived at the camp three hours later. I was awed at the size of the trees.

I saw things I had never seen before, banana slugs, giant redwood trees, crayfish at a nearby stream, I even saw a real live bear.
We swam in the pool. We went hiking in the woods. We made bonfires and sang at night. I had so much fun! It was my best vacation ever!

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