miércoles, 20 de abril de 2011

Curso de Ingles Video 84 GOING TO pronunciation practice

Observe the video carefully and repeat.

Ve el video con suma atencion y repite.

Parctice the following sentences in the full form and the short form.
Practica los siguientes enunciados en la forma completa y la forma corta.

1-    I'm going to fly in an airplane.

2-  I'm going to finish my homework.

3.  We are going to eat out tonight.

4- Are you going to paint your room?

5.  He is going to be a Doctor.

6.  She is going to run for office.

7.  They are going to play soccer next saturday.

8.  We are going to have a get together after class.

9.  The test is going to be easy.

10.  I'm going to learn English.

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